MOD X couples CONSULTING with academic research to provide the most current and innovative solutions for individual companies and the modular industry at large.

Engaging with mature volumetric modular ecologies and industry leaders through MOD X exchanges

We bring together current and future leaders in the industrialized building and modular industry through intensive multi-day tours, workshops and networking sessions focused on a particular volumetric modular ecology (context). International exchanges are structured to maximize knowledge transfer, exchange and production in a relatively short period of time, usually two to three days.

Understanding the ecology of the global volumetric modular industry

As the leading researchers of volumetric modular construction, we provide a comprehensive, up to date assessment of past, present and future trends in the industry, customized to the needs and interests of our clients. Our approach is interdisciplinary in nature, utilizing our own unique backgrounds as well as our extensive network of experts. We provide half day and full day educational knowledge transfer sessions, which often include a workshop component. We are also available for public speaking and keynote addresses.

Developing integrated solutions

As university professors and through our extensive network of fellow academics and researchers, we have access to laboratory testing for product research and development and ICC compliance. Our services include leading consensus processes for standards development, survey and database market studies, factory optimization, human capital competency training, capability assessment and graduating student workforce development and placement.