MOD X provides company specific education, training and consulting through bespoke webinar(s) or live workshops from the list of topics listed below. This menu of topics can be customized to your needs.

MOD X consults to those entering the industrialized construction industry as investors or entrepreneurs, as well as established players in the construction sector looking to enter the offsite sector. Finally, MOD X support existing companies in the industrialized construction space as they seek to up-scale and up-skill or pivot in their business operations.

MOD X provides the following consulting services:

  • Market research

  • Product R&D

  • Business operations

  • Digital workflow and tool implementation

  • Workforce development and recruitment

Topic 1 - Introduction to Offsite

Definitions and nomenclatureClassificationProduct and business platformsBuilding typesParameters and considerations

Topic 2 - Current State of Offsite

HistoryOverview of current industryMarket driversObstacles and challenges to growth

Topic 3 - Future of Offsite in the US

Conventional manufacturersContractor led offsiteArchitect led offsiteDeveloper led offsiteVertical integration

Topic 4 - Global Success

Sweden case studiesJapan case studiesPoland case studiesChina case studiesAustralia case studiesLessons learned from abroad

Topic 5 - Project Delivery in Offsite

ContractsStandardsPartnershipsCodes, Permits, InspectionsTransportationEntitlementsFinancingMaintenance and FM

Topic 6 - Design for Assembly

Architects and OffsiteDesign standardsCollaborationDigital Tools

Topic 7 - Offsite Construction Management

Onsite assembly concernsSetting, stitchingSite hookupsManaging riskLabor and TrainingScheduling

Project Based Consulting

MOD X provides project based support, advising and focus group facilitation.

Research Consulting

MOD X founders are academics, and bring to bear a research based approach to consulting including qualitative and quantitative data collection, testing and analysis.