Since 2015, the MOD X team has developed a close working relationship with the offsite industry in Japan. In 2019, the inaugural MOD X JAPAN exchange introduced 37 American, European and Asian thought leaders to this advanced industrial ecology. A follow up to this successful exchange is planned for May 2020.

The MOD X team has worked closely with Professor Shuichi Matsumura in understanding the complete industrial ecology that has supported the development of the offsite industry in Japan.

Over the past 5 years, the MOD X team has maintained a dialogue with Sekisui Heim, the largest volumetric modular manufacturer in the world.

At peak producion, Sekisui Heim's Tokyo Heim plant is able to produce a complete module every three minutes.

MOD X JAPAN 2019 included 37 participants from 20 companies and institutions.

Over three days, participants gained access to the complete industrial ecology supporting Japan's volumetric modular industry, with tours of active construction sites as well as factories producing wood and steel volumetric modular buildings.

Tour of Sekisui Heim Wood-based Volumetric Modular System Installation

MOD X Japan Symposium, Organized by Professor Shuichi Matsumura and Associate Professor Tomoyuki Gondo, with presentations by the MOD X team as well as representatives of Sekisui Heim and Misawa Homes.